Camp Enlightenment is a 12 months, deep immersion photography and videography program on a 100-acre ranch targeting at-risk, disadvantaged teens (homeless, runaways, foster and LGBTQ youth).  With daily life skills and ongoing training provided by the world’s elite photographic talent, the program requires completion of five specific elements to “graduate,” including:

-  Teaching 50 additional youth over a one-year period,

-  It’s Five O’clock Somewhere / A daily shoot from 5:00-5:01 PM

-  Pay It Forward-“The 10% Project” / A year long project from the student’s heart and passion that will make a change.

-  Remembering The Forgotten / Free portraits every Mother’s and Father’s Day in Elderly Homes

Pheonix Photo Project- Each student will be lifelong members of a team of photographers for worldwide disaster relief using photography – (portraits for families who have lost their cherished photo memories in a disaster)