To inspire youth to view their world through a different lens.


Using the photographic and design technology arts, The ASA Foundation will bring awareness and empowerment to the unseen, the underrepresented, and especially low-income young people, to succeed in a world driven by technology. 

Our Values

We Are All About Tilting The Playing Field.

We recognize that each young person is unique and has the creative potential with to express their voice and possess the tools to express themselves.  We commit to listen, capture their vision and teach them how to give voice to and amplify their vision on their own.

We Are Committed To Building The Next Generation Of Photographic/Visual Arts Talent.

We celebrate the power of the photography and the visual arts to transform lives.  We commit to helping youth adopt and adapt these artistic tools to express their creativity and be enriched by their encounter with us.

We Are Dedicated To Inspiring Youth To Expand Their Vision And Change The Trajectory Of Their lives.

Through our programs and activities, we commit to inspire our youth to reach their fullest potential.